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Quality tea production

from India, East Africa, and China.

Your direct-from-garden source for organic and fair trade teas, herbs, spices, cocoa, coffee and gifts.

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Quality tea and spice production


We strive to produce a refine product line that offers the widest selection of organic teas, coffees, herbs and spices.

  • Highest Quality
    Highest Quality
  • Pure Taste
    Pure Taste
  • Wide Assortment
    Wide Assortment
  • Natural Flavors
    Natural Flavors

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Tea has a complex positive effect on the body. Daily use of a cup of tea is good for your health.

  • Improves brain function
    Improves brain function
  • Disinfects harmful substances
    Disinfects harmful substances
  • Promotes weight loss
    Promotes weight loss
  • Prolongs life
    Prolongs life
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How to prepare green tea

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Happy Customers

Here at Simply Teas & Spices we are passionate about delivering happiness and smiles to all our valuable customers.

Enjoy a variety of delicious flavors. Take pleasures in the very best natural flavors and ingredients.

‪(619) 354-4475‬

‪(619) 354-4475‬

Tea sorts presentation
and products degustation

A taste that is Simply Good. There is something for everyone here.


What our buyers says


Anastasia Stone
Business Analyst

Very tasty I will definitely recommend these teas to anyone.

Patricia James
Top Manager

Super rich flavor, with a natural sweetness - great with milk and sugar.

Steven Rashford
Truck Driver

The vanilla tea is good with a bit of milk in the morning, and has a pleasant aroma.

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